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What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening uses medical grade hydrogen peroxide (bleach) to lighten the colour of your teeth.

Ways to whiten your teeth:

Custom Made Trays

Slimline soft trays that fit to the shape of your teeth.  You apply the gel for around half an hour each evening for approximately 2 weeks.

In chair Bleaching​

Your teeth are bleached in surgery, giving an immediate result ​(takes approx 2 hours)

Please ask any of our dentists or our experienced hygienists Annabelle and Laurel if you are interested in professionally whitening your teeth.

Can I have my teeth whitened?

Tooth whitening will only whiten natural tooth.  Any fillings and crowns will not be affected, so may need replacing to match.

The main side-effect of whitening is increased sensitivity, this can be counteracted by using sensitive gels, and using the kit every other day.

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